VRGOが、KickstarterでのVR空間移動プロダクト第二弾「VRGO MINI」ローンチを発表

VRGOが、KickstarterでのVR空間移動プロダクト第二弾「VRGO MINI」ローンチを発表

8月 23, 19

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イギリス、ブリストル—ブリストルに拠点を置き、VRシステムに対応したスマートデバイスの製作により、バーチャル世界への更なる没入体験の実現を目指す企業、VRGO Ltd.は、今週、ヴァーチャルリアリティ空間内を移動できるVRGO MINIの第二弾となるプロダクトのローンチを開始することを、今年の8月にKickstarterで発表しました。


The team of VRGO, known for producing VRGO CHAIR, will improve this chair and provide users with a more compact VRGO MINI.

“MINI is a completely new gaming chair accessory that connects players and chairs (or a PC and a stand-alone VR HMD) for intuitive and comfortable seat movement,” said Joe Ryan, CEO of VRGO. “We have spent a lot of time to ensure the high performance of the software and developed native SteamVR drivers for all the new VR

HMDs sold in 2019. This is the perfect time to announce MINI .” VRGO MINI Features

VRGO MINI allows you to move in the game by tilting your body in the direction you want to go. You can actually experience the in-game behavior and immerse yourself in the virtual world. Unlike other products, this new product can be controlled accurately by analog input. The price is reasonable so that any gamer can get this new product. VRGO MINI is compatible with most VR headsets and games, and can be easily connected to a wide range of HMDs and Bluetooth, including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus GO, HTC Vive / Pro, Pimax, Valve Index, and Microsoft Mixed Reality. is.

Other features include:

-Tactile reaction to enjoy VR like never before

-Reduced motion sickness

-Custom settings to adjust sensitivity Native controller settings in the Steam platform using

-hands-free gaming

touchpad and motion controller

A company-wide

, stylish look with a wide range of applied color cushions that go beyond the boundaries of


VRGO Ltd. is a Kickstarter campaign for launching VRGO CHAIRS in 2015 Since launching the product in 2017, we have delivered products to users around the world. With this campaign on the crowdfunding platform again, we want to start selling improved products in 2020.

If you are interested in this release, please contact john@vrgomini.com or join the Kickstarter campaign.

VRGO Ltd. Company Introduction

VRGO Ltd. was founded in 2014 in Bristol, England by CEO Joe Ryan. VRGO aims to create a device that seamlessly supports all VR, AR, and MR (XR) systems, enabling a more immersive experience for games and business use.


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